Matching at Alma: How does it work?

There are several ways you can grow your practice with Alma. In addition to the consultation requests you receive directly through your Alma profile, you can also receive opportunities through our Client Matching Team.

When a client is matched with a provider at Alma, they follow the process outlined below: 

  1. The client contacts our Matching Team in search of care by submitting an intake form. The form collects information about the client’s presenting issues, as well as their preferences for scheduling, payment, specific modalities, etc. 

Please note that the intake is not considered a safety screening. The client’s full history and risk assessment should still be taken if you decide to schedule a session with them.

  1. If the Client Matching Team thinks this client is a good fit for your practice, a member of the team will contact you with some basic, de-identified information about the client (including the presenting issue/preferred payment method/availability).

The email will look like the below and will have the subject “Matching Opportunity from Alma”:

A client using Alma’s Matching Service could be a great fit for your practice! Review the information below and reply ‘yes’ to this email if you would like to be recommended to this client.


If the client wants to speak with you, we’ll share their contact information through a consultation request via your Alma profile. 


Not interested? No further action required!


Summary: This client is a 36 year-old white female from NY seeking a provider for Talk Therapy who specializes in anxiety, depression, and harm reduction. This client’s pronouns are she/her. She will be using United Healthcare to cover the cost of sessions and is available on weekday afternoons.

  1. If you are interested in being suggested as a potential match for this client, please confirm your interest right away. We typically share a list of recommendations with the client within 24 hours.
  2. Confirm your interest by responding to the email with the subject line "Matching Opportunity from Alma."

If you are not interested in the opportunity, you do not need to respond.

NOTE: You will not receive confirmation of receipt if you respond. 

  1. The team will include your practice in a list of recommendations to the client, along with up to 4 other providers. The client will be able to review your Alma profile and ask questions about the reasoning behind our recommendations.
  2. The client responds by confirming which provider they would like to match with. There is no limit to the number of recommended providers they can ask to connect with.
  3. If the client wants to speak with you, we will submit a consultation request on their behalf. You will receive a notification via email when this happens. The consultation request will begin with “Alma Matching Team” as shown in the image below:


If you do not hear further information about the client following this initial outreach, the client has either not chosen a provider yet or has chosen another provider.

  1. When viewing the request in your Alma portal, make sure to select “Yes, I will reach out” and choose whether or not you want to notify the client. This will automatically update their status in your Alma inbox from “New” to "In progress."

After the consultation, you can choose to add the client to your practice or decline them altogether. The client will receive an email notification if you decline their request. You can find more information about the client experience here.

A few reminders:

Please only respond “yes” to a matching opportunity email if you have openings in your caseload and upcoming availability to schedule a consultation call with the client. 

If a client is not a fit for your practice, do not refer the client outside of the Alma network. We want to protect the client’s experience, as they specifically came to Alma for care. Please refer the client to, and we will help match them with a provider in the Alma community. 

For more information on managing consultation requests in general, visit our Consultation Requests section.

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